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Teen Talk Adapted for All Abilities


Teen Talk Adapted for All Abilities - Physical Binder Add On

Health Connected’s Teen Talk Adapted for All Abilities (‘TTAAA’ or ‘AAA’) curriculum is a comprehensive and empowering resource designed to provide inclusive sexual education for diverse learners. With a series of 14 dynamic sessions, this curriculum ensures that all students, regardless of their ability levels, have access to vital information and the opportunity to develop essential life skills.

With a minimum teaching time of 10 hours spread over two weeks, this curriculum offers flexibility by providing a range of activities tailored to individual students’ abilities. Educators can choose from a variety of options to ensure that each student can actively engage with the material, promoting meaningful learning experiences.

Covering an extensive range of topics, the Teen Talk Adapted for All Abilities curriculum addresses public and private spaces, sexual and reproductive anatomy, puberty changes, conception and pregnancy, sexual behaviors, birth control methods, pregnancy options, STIs and HIV, gender, sexual orientation, online safety, sexual crimes, consent, healthy relationships, and effective communication and decision-making skills.

By establishing a strong foundation for understanding sexual health, this curriculum encourages the use of common language for respectful communication. Through engaging discussions and interactive activities, students will develop the necessary vocabulary and knowledge to navigate conversations about sexual health with confidence and sensitivity.

The Teen Talk Adapted for All Abilities curriculum also guides students in identifying and accessing appropriate resources. By emphasizing the importance of communication with parents/trusted adults, school personnel, and healthcare providers, students are encouraged to seek guidance and support from reliable sources. To facilitate this process, an interview assignment is included, promoting open dialogue between students and their parents or trusted adults.

Central to this curriculum is the use of gender-inclusive language, ensuring that all students feel respected and included. By normalizing diverse experiences and perspectives, the Teen Talk Adapted for All Abilities curriculum fosters an environment of acceptance and understanding, promoting inclusivity within the classroom.

The Teen Talk Adapted for All Abilities curriculum is not just an educational resource; it is a catalyst for empowerment and self-advocacy. By providing comprehensive and inclusive sexual education, this curriculum equips students with the knowledge and skills necessary to make informed decisions, establish healthy relationships, and navigate the complexities of sexual health in a rapidly changing world.

Embrace inclusivity and empower students of all abilities with the Teen Talk Adapted for All Abilities curriculum, fostering a supportive and informed community that celebrates diversity and promotes lifelong well-being.

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