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We’re building a modern model of sex education through our three primary programs: Youth Services (puberty and sexual health education in schools), Parent Services (workshops on parent/child communication about sexual health), and Training & Technical Assistance for educational professionals.

Youth Services

Through our Youth Services program, Health Connected partners with schools to provide puberty and sexuality education to students ages 10-18 during school time. Our team of highly trained professional Health Educators deliver program content from our original, age-appropriate curricula over the course of one to two weeks, depending on the age of students served.

Learn more about our Youth Services program.

Parent Services

Our adaptable Parent Talk workshops are designed to give parents and guardians the tools to communicate with their children about various issues related to puberty and adolescent sexuality. Our workshops are in English and Spanish and can be tailored to meet the needs of parents and guardians of children of many ages.

Click here to bring our Parent Services to your school.

Training & Technical Assistance

We offer comprehensive puberty and sexuality education training for professionals working with youth ages 10-18. Our fun, interactive training is designed to give educators the knowledge, skills, and confidence to implement our medically accurate, age-appropriate curricula in their school or youth programs.

Learn more about our Training & Technical Assistance program.