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Core Values

Our Core Values

At Health Connected, our core values are the foundation of our mission to empower and support young people in navigating their sexual health and relationships. These values guide our efforts to foster knowledge, respect, and inclusivity. Each value reflects our commitment to creating a supportive and inclusive environment for all, ensuring that every young person has the tools they need to make informed decisions.


We empower young people to make the decisions that are right for them about their health, bodies, and relationships, free of shame, judgment, or pressure.


We have an obligation to work towards collective liberation from institutional barriers, and to strengthen young people’s autonomy, particularly for those who have been disproportionately impacted by systemic oppression.


We promote the well-being of youth by strengthening their relationships with trusted adults, healthcare providers, peers, and partners. We build bridges in communities to foster connectedness.


We deliver ever-evolving, outcome-driven, research-informed education and personalized service to meet the needs of youth in the context of our constantly changing world.


We spark meaningful learning about complicated sexual health topics through dynamic, inquisitive, and courageous student engagement.