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Teen Talk High School

Health Connected’s Teen Talk High School curriculum is a comprehensive sexuality education curriculum designed to help educate 14-18-year-olds about sexuality and sexual health. This sequential, 12-session curriculum is intended to be delivered over the course of two weeks (10-12 hours). Teen Talk High School was updated to meet the California Healthy Youth Act requirements, based on a comprehensive review by the Adolescent Sexual Health Work Group.

Core components of the Teen Talk High School curriculum include:

  • Meets the stringent requirements of CA Education Code sections 51930-51939 for 7th-12th grade students
  • Consists of 12 sessions intended to be taught for a minimum of 10 hours over two weeks
  • Supports clarification of values about relationships and sexual health topics
  • Provides information about where to obtain sexual and reproductive healthcare
  • Encourages communication with trusted adults, including a multi-day parent/trusted adult interview homework assignment for students
  • Utilizes gender inclusive language and trauma informed practices
  • Introduces life skills (such as self-advocacy, harm reduction, and media literacy) as well as racial and social justice topics (like intersectionality, health equity, and reproductive justice)
  • Designed to promote critical thinking through interactive activities, stories, videos, and discussion prompts

Table of Contents

Health education Standards