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Teen Talk Adapted for All Abilities

The Teen Talk Adapted for All Abilities (TTAAA) curriculum is a comprehensive sexuality education curriculum designed specifically to help educate young people with various special learning needs and challenges. This curriculum is also designed to offer flexibility and support for instructors implementing TTAAA. Teachers can use all or part of this curriculum, selecting appropriate lessons based on students’ age and abilities. TTAAA is in close alignment with the requirements of the California Healthy Youth Act, passed in 2015.

Core components of the TTAAA curriculum include:

  • Tailored materials for specific students with special learning needs and challenges
  • Aligned with the requirements of CA Education Code sections 51930-51939 (California Healthy Youth Act) for 7th-12th grade students
  • Consists of 11 sessions intended to be taught for a minimum of 10 hours over 2 weeks
  • Emphasizes tolerance, respect, and personal values articulation
  • Supports clarification of values about gender roles, relationships, and sexuality
  • Information about accessing reproductive health care & youths’ legal rights
  • Multiple parent/trusted adult interview homework assignments
  • Encourages parent and trusted adult communication
  • Instruction in differentiating public and private spaces, body parts, and behaviors
  • Gender inclusive language

Table of Contents

Health education Standards