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While Health Connected’s education staff provide direct services in more than 50 California schools, we have trained hundreds of teachers throughout the state so they can implement our curricula in their own schools, increasing our impact.

Our engaging multi-day training offers educators the opportunity to deeply interact with the curricula, gain tips and insights on implementation from our expert staff, and practice implementing lessons amongst other educational professionals. Through this, teachers gain confidence and comfort in providing this vital information to their own students. 

Are you a teacher or youth provider interested in bringing our Youth Services program to your school? We’d love to chat!

We’d be more than happy to speak with you –– along with your school principal or district administrator –– about partnering with your school to deliver our puberty or sexuality education curricula to your students.

We do charge for our programs, but we are always willing to work with schools and districts to negotiate a reasonable fee that is compatible with your school’s budget.

To learn more about bringing our Youth Services program to your school, please click “Contact Us” below.

California’s Education Code requires that teachers who provide sexual health education must be trained and use curriculum that meets the state’s latest education code. Health Connected offers open-enrollment trainings specifically designed to provide teachers and education professionals with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to be exceptional health educators. All five of our original curricula are aligned with the 2016 California Healthy Youth Act.

Our comprehensive, interactive trainings review the activities in the curricula, provide additional background information on key topics – such as best practices in the reproductive health field, adolescent development, reproductive health rights of minors, and contraceptive technology – and incorporate practice and teach-backs.