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At Health Connected, we are committed to maximizing our impact in the communities we serve. To learn more about our impact on California’s youth and the families and schools that support them, check out our indicators of success:

During the 2021-2022 school year, we served a total of 18,083 people.

Health Connected served 13,075 students at 95 schools through our Youth Services program, primarily in San Mateo and Santa Clara Counties. This program provides in-school puberty and sexuality education for students ages 10-18.

Health Connected provided our Parent Services programs to 4,074 parents of adolescents and pre-adolescents. These adaptable workshops focus on family communication surrounding puberty and sexuality and also include information sessions to address parents’ questions and concerns.

Health Connected trained 934 education professionals through our Training & Technical Assistance program. This program significantly impacted approximately 28,000 additional students by equipping teachers with the necessary tools and knowledge to provide effective puberty and sexuality education in their classrooms.

Among students who received our Youth Services program:

  • 87% of 5th and 6th graders feel more confident to intervene if a friend made negative remarks about someone’s body or looks.
  • 83% of 7th and 8th graders can now talk about sexual health with their parent(s) or a trusted adult.
  • 91% of 9th graders agree that this program made it easier for them to practice safer sex now or in the future.
  • 87% of those in Special Education can now talk about sexual health with their parent(s) or a trusted adult.